Debra H. to Mini-Gastric-B.
Jul 16

Hello to all…..
Just checking in on my 6 year anniversary! Can’t believe it has already been 6 years! The journey has been great! No complications, maintaining my weight… well up and down 5-8 pounds at times. The MGB and Dr. R truly changed my life! Life is good!
Those considering gastric by pass, do your research and make a decision that is best for you, I know for me the MGB was far above all others. My step daughter had an RNY and has had complications. Just last month at 2 years out from her RNY she had emergency surgery due to complications.
MGB is truly life changing. The health improvements have been the most important changes. Sometimes I forget I was obese, but then I see the discrimination and ridicule obese people face and it makes me remember the emotional pain I felt when I was obese. It makes me angry. I truly believe obesity is the last discrimination tolerated in our society.
I am proof the MGB when used as a tool works long term weight loss and maintenance.
I can honestly say…. 6 years into my MGB journey life is great!
God Bless,
Debra H. in San Antonio, TX
Dr. R. 7-16-03
240 high 212 day of surgery… NOW… 132 size 6 & 4


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