Mini-Bikini X (MBX): 1/2 an MGB (Sleeve Gastrectomy/No Bypass) Done with NOTES

10 Things You Need to Know about

the new Mini-Bikini X (MBX) Sleeve Gastrectomy

** Think Thin ** It’s a Sensational Feeling

1. The Mini-Bikini X is a short simple outpatient same day surgery weight loss procedure using leading edge technology.

2. The Mini-Bikini X (MBX) is designed for lighter weight women who are concerned about the 5 tiny scars on the abdomen from a Mini-Gastric Bypass
and who want to wear a bikini (2 piece swimsuit) after surgery,

3. The Mini-Bikini X (MBX) is for women who want a short simple outpatient same day surgery.

4. The MBX surgical procedure is 1/2 of the Mini-Gastric Bypass, it is a Sleeve Gastrectomy WITHOUT the Bypass portion of the MGB.

5. For cosmetic reasons: The operating ports are placed either transvaginally or through the umbilicus (naval) with one or 2 additional ports, less than the size of a pencil eraser head added as needed.

6. Since there is no Bypass, the Mini-Bikini X (MBX) Sleeve Gastrectomy patients can expect less than half the weight loss seen after Bypass surgery.

7. Since the weight loss is expected to be less than half that seen in the Mini-Gastric Bypass, the MBX (Mini-Bikini X) is only for
lighter weight female patients that are intently focused upon the cosmetic result of the surgery

8. Heavier patients are much better served by choosing the Mini-Gastric Bypass,
a short, simple and reversible procedure, that is also a much more powerful and durable weight loss procedure than
the Mini-Bikini X (MBX) Sleeve Gastrectomy.
For example in a recent study comparing the MGB to a Sleeve,
the cure rate of diabetics was 90% for the MGB patients and 50% for Sleeve Gastrectomy patients,
i.e. the Sleeve is roughly 1/2 the MGB.

9. The Mini-Bikini X (MBX) Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is performed using Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)
via the vagina (click for more info) or the umbilicus (naval) using the new SILS™ Port Multiple Instrument Access Port so that female patients can expect
excellent cosmetic results by avoiding the ports usually used in Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery.
UC San Diego Center claimed this “Scarless” Surgery, is the “future of U.S. surgery.”

10. You can call (702-215-9550) or Email ( Dr. Rutledge for more information.

Nothing Feels Better than ** Thin, ** Imagine


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