ICISS: Dr. Rutledge’s Contribution to Trauma Carehttp://ping.fm/vBbS7

Dr Rutledge: Inventor of ICISS (ICD based Injury Severity Score)

In 1993 Dr Rutledge published the first article describing
the use of ICD-9 codes as a means of predicting injury severity. (1) At the time the standard means of injury
severity scoring was the consensus derived ISS. Dr Rutledge’s invention was a data derived system
based upon analysis of actual injury outcomes that were quantitated from actual
trauma outcomes.

Although controversial at the time, (criticized by Champion,
MacKenzie and others) now 17 years later the ICISS stands as simple, well validated
and relatively inexpensive means of injury severity scoring, confirming Dr Rutledge’s
initial findings.(2-51)

Now 51 scientific articles later; Dr. Rutledge was right. Its hard changing people’s minds.


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