Failed Band Patient

“Hello everyone,

I am desparate.  I have been surfing the web for days.  I just found this site and thought maybe I could better answers from people not trying to sell me their services and  people who could relate.

 I had a lap band put in May 2004. I need a revision.  I have had complications (vomiting, acid reflux, not being able to get anything down – even unfilled) and have been seeking answers but am getting completely conflicting opinions.  My band has not slipped or eroded but they feel I probably have a lot of scar tissue and that a revision could be dangerous.  I have been told the gastric sleeve is the safest and then told by another its the most dangerous after lap band.  I have been told gastric bypass (RNY) is the safest and then been told it is the most dangerous after lap band(due to my upper stomach tissue possibly being compromised).  I am a self-pay and I am just so sick about all of this.

When I got the lap band I really did a lot of research.    Now I feel like a DUMMY.

My original surgeon does not do anything but lapband and is in Mexico.

Any suggestions of a surgeon who is straight up and specializes in revisions?  


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