We Want to Know; How Are You?

We want to know how you are doing, so to encourage you to fillout one of our follow up forms we are going to be giving away an iPad in June to one of the people that fills out our follow up forms.

Please help us understand how you are doing

Dr. Rutledge, Email: DrR@clos.net, 702-714-0011,  www.CLOS.net

Over 1,000 videos, Videos Viewed over  1,800,000 times!

For more information, Consider joining one of our online Groups:

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Fill out a follow up form and you could win an iPad!!!

OK! Here it is:

We are offering another Drawing for Free iPad!
encourage participation in our survey in July we gave away a
free iPad to one of the patients that completed this survey.
(P.S. the winner was from Canada!)   If you

fill out this survey in the next few days we are going to be
drawing for another new iPad!
   We are
particularly interested in survey results rating your surgeon
and a new section on heart disease before and after surgery 
Tell us what has happened to you since you contacted us. Email
questions:   (


Read more at clos.net



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